Hey, I'm Yewande

I grew up surrounded by several beautiful West African prints and patterns. Bold, clashing hues and colours, which challenged the ordinary, were normal for me. These images have hugely influenced my style; I am aware of the power of colour, the impact it can have on one's mood and the moods of those around us. As I grew up, for a number of reasons, it became more of a bold move to wear these patterns and prints.

Then I gave birth to a child and re-entered the fascinating world of children.

I am inspired every day by their confidence and their lack of inhibition. Their free spirited nature makes them the perfect ambassadors for these patterns and prints. My children - and to be honest, children everywhere - are my Muses. They continue to show me what it’s like to live life without self imposed limits.

I want all children to wear clothing that reflects this attitude.

The Brand

Mummy's Muse exists to remind people of a time when they were fearless. We do this by creating clothing with contrasting shades, bold motifs and colours beyond conventions - inspired by West African prints.

The carriers of this message of fearlessness are our Muses; our clothes are for babies and toddlers. These little humans are a constant source of inspiration. They are bold, creative, uninhibited, and fearless. Their clothing can - and should - stand as a reminder to us, the adults, to emulate least once in a while.

The Journey

I decided to document my journey of starting Mummy's Muse a few months after I began. I do this on a section of this site, which is called 'Musings.' I hope to encourage others on their journeys of creating something from nothing.

I also hope that one day when Mummy's Muse is a roaring success, I'll be able to read the posts I've written and remember the highs, the lows and all the moments in between. I'm excited to share this journey with you and to keep it as candid as possible!

Hold on tight.

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